Beauty and well-being are two different notions which are closely connected. One talks of well-being when one feels at peace with oneself and in harmony with one's body as well as with others. One talks of well-being where there is a multiplication of pleasure and an absence of sorrow and trouble. Listening to one's body and respecting it simultaneously are a source of good health and above all, lifestyle. There are many ways to stay in good health and to respect one's body in the best way and here are some examples: eating healthily, exercising regularly and at one's own rhythm, avoiding anxiety and unnecessary stress, drinking water regularly, not smoking. All this can be considered part of the basis for an iron constitution. Ultimately, we are human beings and each individual is different. It is each one's responsibility to find his own rhythm and live a lifestyle which is the best for him to feel good.

It is also important to note that the wholesomeness of one's living environment contributes to staying in good health. Living, eating and sleeping in a healthy place are essential to the well-being of all, for microbes and bacteria living around dwellings are most often the origin of aches and pains. The ideal would be to share advice and experience with one's circle of friends and family in order to avoid certain situations and enable others not to make the same mistakes.

Beauty is a much more abstract notion. It has a direct link with certain perceptions we have of things that give us pleasure, positive emotions or even feelings of satisfaction. One often feels this kind of emotion when seeing, hearing or looking at an object, sound or activity.