Travelling is the fact of going from one point A to one further point B via a means of transport which can either be the car, the train, the plane or by cruise-ship and the goal of which can be tourism, studies or professional travel. The evolution of means of transport has considerably helped populations to make the world a smaller place by decreasing the time of passage from one place to another even if it increases global pollution and the consumption of non renewable liquid hydrocarbon.

Thanks to map-making and the different information we have access to in a single mouse-click, it has become possible to visit another country without travelling as such. The end has come for problems due to lack of information when travelling to a foreign country where one doesn't know the language spoken, or what the temperature is, or what season it is in. Transport prices which are constantly on the rise due to fuel prices limit destination choice since all incomes cannot follow. Thankfully KartOO informs you of promotions for holiday destinations and discount trips you should not miss.

Tourist destinations are different according to the period of your life and your family situation. Family holidays by the seaside in a hotel, the rental of an apartment or house for one or more weeks. The choice of the country differs according to taste; some prefer to go a few hundred kilometres away from their home/place of residence, whereas others would like to discover new horizons. Did you know that the five most visited countries are France, Spain, the United States of America, Italy and China (in order). Tastes change according to times of the year, but this list has been stable for the last thirty years.