Teaching and education each have their burdens, and the most complicated task is not to learn but rather to know how to apply what one has learnt in the context of everyday life. How can one put in practice everything our teachers and training staff have instilled in us for years? Education cannot be summarised as simple knowledge or know-how, but is a concept that goes beyond that. It is a source of development for all individuals and in all fields. All this will enable each individual to better apprehend the different problems to which s/he is exposed, to better manage different relations with those who make up today's world and to be more responsible.

Everybody agrees that it is necessary to have a certain key knowledge, which is part of the intellectual minimum which all citizens are supposed to have in order to be able to live in today's world. In order to acquire it, some people will look towards educational specialists. These people have the ability to transmit knowledge to a person. In the best of cases, it is possible for each and every one of us to deepen our knowledge in one precise field. Education and evolution are two terms which are often mistaken and which are part of our everyday life. These two terms are totally complimentary and inherent to the evolution and well-being of each of us