Sports event - a word that draws all its meaning from an old French expression 'desport' which meant enjoying oneself by means of physical or mental amusement are considered as being the practice of individual games, collective physical or moral exercise leading to competitions??? Traces of this activity are still visible in our times not to mention Ancient Greece and its famous Olympic Games which highlight the athletic qualities of certain individuals during physical trials. This activity is governed by rules and customs which all participants must abide. To practice sports in the best conditions, it is necessary to place competitors in an ideal sports and competitive framework. However, there are sports which are not for competition but more for leisure, health or school.

A sport in its most modern version is very often defined by a physical quality which can either be endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination or resistance. It is also assimilated with an activity which can be the object of rules that can be applied all over the world, hence its institutionalisation. Phrase manquante.

To give you ideas and make your mouth water, here is a small list of individual sports you can carry out in the context of a health club or among friends : athletics, aviation, rowing, bmx, bowling, various types of boxing (American, English, Chinese, French or Thai), cycling, riding, climbing, fencing, fitness, gold, judo, karate, karting, kickboxing, weight lifting, swimming, petanque, windsurfing, diving, rollerblading, skiing, snowboarding, squash, surf, tennis, sailing, mouton biking, yoga. If you prefer team sports, feel free to join a sports federation dedicated to collective sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, handball, hockey ball, paintball, rugby and water polo. As you can see, there are many possibilities at the disposal of all to practice sports without limiting oneself to monotonous activities.