Our world is in permanent evolution. In this evolving context, social networks were born. The users of these social networks understand that they are no longer only users but also actors owing to the evolution of certain software. Thanks to social networks, we have the possibility of meeting individuals who share the same ideas or interests. The emergence of social networks is a real and direct consequence of the technological revolution. The evolution of certain software has allowed a considerable expansion of social networks for it is now easier to connect to the internet. As a result of this, different users are now aware that they are no longer only consumers but that they can also interact and participate in the evolution of these different networks.

Dating/meeting websites are amongst the first in this field, for they have managed to connect individuals who have common interests, to create relationships between individuals in order to provide people with the possibility to broaden their knowledge. Through these websites, people can have sentimental or sexual encounters. They can also chat by using software such as Skype which works via the telephone on IP or even chat through instant text messages which sometimes integrate the webcam thereby replacing its ancestor: the minitel or classified ads.

Women and men who chose dating/meeting services have very varied requests. The big classic is of course the search for a serious relationship which will lead to marriage. Single people are sometimes not looking for this, and it is common to find online services for rapid sexual encounters or one night stands. Leading actors of the dating market are at your disposal to offer the exact service you are looking for. For a serious relationship or even a one night stand, everything is on hand; one must only choose. The available services are of more or less good quality and this not merely depending on price since some very effective websites are free of cost.