Games are defined as leisure activities that can be physical or psychological and that one can engage in for entertainment, such as checkers. A game must be an activity which is chosen for its recreational character, must be subjected to certain rules and be accompanied by some imagination as psychologists would suggest. Nothing is more absorbing than colouring, role playing or playing at being an Indian or a cowboy. Games not only enable children or adolescents a certain fulfilment but also liberation from internal conflicts, anxiety and stress. In this way, one can learn about oneself and evolve with judgement and wisdom.

Games can also be a form of development for the small child that is within us even in adulthood. As a playful form of training, games are essential activities which allow our imagination to develop and to learn a bit more about one's surroundings and environment. Kids can use games in this way to distance themselves from emotional tensions and to develop their personality. The onset of computers has given us access to fun video games which we can enjoy alone or with others.

Find the activity that corresponds to you whether with a ball, a skipping rope or playing cards. If you are interested in the virtual world, there are many 3D games which can be played on games consoles or on the computer. If you like betting or playing strategies, why not turn to poker, black jack, or games of chance such as roulette or jackpot. You will also find free games online in flash format.