Essential regulation element for economic exchanges, money is a precious metal. It can be found in the form of metal (coins), or in the form of bank notes. Under the term finance, one can understand the means by which companies regenerate capital which they do not have. Financial directors of these companies evaluate the company's needs. Depending on the needs, they know how and where to invest. Very often, this is done at the level of investment banks which serve as relays between economic agents and the financial needs of companies.

The internal management of companies and banking professions is the prerogative of certain financial departments who need to evaluate the life of companies. These companies need investment banks for various methods of financing, acquisitions or risk coverage after receiving guidelines from their financial departments. These investment banks also act as intermediary between different economic agents and different financial needs of companies.

An insurance contract needs to be established in order to shift the risk factor from companies to insurance companies. A part of the risk is passed on to the insurance company in exchange for bonuses. These insurance companies do not know if and when the risk will arise, and what the consequences will be. They can only transfer risk between the different economic agents they manage. In this way, risk factor can be reduced and future accidents can be approximately anticipated. In the case of burglarising, auto theft or traffic accidents, risks are practically permanent.