Having come out of archaic systems such as slavery or servitude, if one wants a workforce for a specific period or task, a few contractual rules must be respected. Work or employment is governed by a contract passed between an employer and his un/qualified employee, in order to accomplish a job in return for wages. It is an agreement of will between the two parties, in which there is a direct link of subordination between the employer and his employee. Being the bedrock, the company must choose future employees who will focus on improving its functioning. The employer has the obligation to guarantee his employee a salary, good working conditions and career prospects.

Job-hunting is done by application including all accompanying documents, such as a curriculum vitae which summarises one's initial training and professional experience as well as a cover letter. One can find examples of such letters on specialised websites. This reflects the special attention an employer should pay to the information provided by a potential employee if he is to be hired. Through temporary work, companies can find staff for short periods of time. They also place classified ads. Recruitment agencies and head hunters also offer a service of great quality to find the individual who will best fulfil the requirements of the recruiting company.