Computing, which is the automatic processing of information, has been developing considerably since the 1950s. The union between electronics and telecommunications allows the creation of hardware and software devices that stock information and restore it rapidly. The world we live in today is currently governed by different technological and electronic advances. Our daily life is increasingly influenced by the headways of computer technology. The development of appliances with artificial intelligence such as the telephone or the computer aim to simplify and greatly influence our daily lives.
This sector is rapidly evolving due to an exponential rhythm in which innovation and leadership are key concepts.

We can discuss for hours the subject of mobile phones and their diminishing sizes as well as their multiple functionalities or computers which are a key tool in today's world and that we could define as a combination of electronic modules directed by computer programmes. These programmes - considered to be the software part - enable the different electronic components - the material part or hardware - to function together. With all the different technological advances of our world, man is truly influenced in his everyday life. We have lightning advance in the field of mobile phones or desktop or laptop computers. These advances all have the same objective, to make man's life easier.

"Ordinatique" is the initial word which was soon replaced by computing. This term was originally used for calculations done by mechanical calculating machines. The general public does not distinguish fundamental from theoretical science and therefore mixes everything. For a long time ‘ordinatique’ was considered to be a sub category of mathematics. Recent studies have proven that not following certain rules in terms of ergonomics can make mobile phones or computers a danger for our health. This danger is forever increasing when four hours or more per day are spent in front of a computer screen or even talking a few hours on the phone. We cannot tell the number of times the body is exposed to the risks of computers and appliances emitting radio waves such as the mobile phone which is not only a tool of communication but very often also a work tool for some people.