This category of our directory is dedicated to activities, services and products necessary for families with small children or adolescents. We suggest a range of indoor and outdoor leisure activities. From now on, you always have the possibility of finding an activity even if the weather is bad. We list activities such as outings to aquatic parks, beaches, zoos and different physical and mental activities.

We consider that the family is made up of a number of people who share the same ties, or even an object, good, resource, debt or obligation. The family is therefore a community of people equal to one another and sharing the same values. What defines a family is of course its juridical personality and its name. It can also be the home, common inheritance, moral and material solidarity, all of which are supposed to favour social, physical and emotional development. These are key words of the definition of family.

The cornerstone and objective of the family are children (from birth up to puberty). The child, born from a father and mother, is now part of a family, whether the parents are married or not, the only question being a biological one. For that purpose, and with respect to inheritance, the child will be able to inherit assets left by the parents and dispose of this inheritance as s/he sees fit, without harming others, and acting in his own interest.