Far from being able or from wanting to advise you about the best online stores, our shopping guide will suggest the most pertinent ways of finding products simply and safely. We can of course emphasize promotions and knockdown prices but commercial operations of a discount nature are tied to a specific product and a short period of time. Without being able to promise cheaper buys, we can suggest ways of shopping online with a greater assurance.

Distance selling has many advantages but is not without constraints, particularly since frauds and dishonest sellers are numerous.
We are principally dedicated to pointing you towards professionals with a good reputation. Beware before buying online. It is wiser to try and find the most information possible about the website you would like to buy from. Furthermore, as surprising as it may seem, one should not forget one's password; it would be wise to have only one password for all the websites you will be buying from. This is not without danger if a dishonest person finds out your password and then has access to all your web accounts. You should verify the cryptographic system of the website you would like to buy from, to be sure that it has not been pirated, in which case you would also be pirated. The presence of a padlock on the specific website is a necessity as well as a url starting with https://. You should also learn to recognise fraudulent emails. Web navigators such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and nearly all others which are regularly updated manage this kind of safety protocol.

You are now equipped to make good deals in virtual shopping malls and to access private sales via the shopping directory which will have selected online stores and shops for accessories, clothes and other beauty products. Whatever the shop and store, we stress a certain number of criteria of appreciation which include the ergonomics of the product catalogue, as well as the simplicity of ordering. To buy household, sound or image appliances we do not only look at suggested prices but also check if the seller has been clearly identified, if a catalogue of products is available for online consultation and if one can place a complete and safe order.