Market economy includes all activities which can generate an increase in value. Why not say that for an individual this can be a framework aimed at an increase in capital. Market economy can also be defined as the organisation of an activity implying a business strategy and its implementation.

Many people who want to stand on their own feet start up a business in order to be their own boss and to reap the benefits of a business venture and its ensuing financial profits. To start off, it is necessary to have a precise idea of what one wants to do and to aim the sector where one can make a certain profit. Each project must also be based on an effective economic model. Anglo-Saxons name this a business model, which is indispensable when one wants to undertake such a venture.

In this way, depending on profits made, one can evaluate the interest for a specific idea and develop business relating to it. If you are able to use your skills to develop your commercial idea, you will surely have faith in this project. So let us discover the necessary means of production, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services. So also to speculate and generate profits for production or to invest your money in the stock market to generate dividends.