KartOO is the british web search engine for women and men who would like to find an easy answer to their question in just a few seconds. At the disposal of internet users is a free and powerful tool which realises this feat by selecting a large number of valid websites via a semi-automatic process.

When a user enters a request, the server first suggests key words that are the most currently typed in the interface. After the user validates his/her demand, the visual meta-search engine uses proprietary algorithms to select the results corresponding to the search by relevance. This is what ensures that KartOO result pages are pertinent and thereby that KartOO ranks among quality search engines.

KartOOrank is the visual return of our constant efforts to give users the most precise results during their search. It can be found in the detail of websites selected by us. This performance is made possible thanks to our auditing team which checks the quality of each website mentioned in our index. KartOOrank gives an unparalleled ranking which narrows the result pages down to the requested search.

KartOO respects your private life and does not install follow-up cookies to save the terms of your search. It is shocking to record the amount of personal information one can unwittingly leave on the web when using a service, information which is then saved under the spurious pretext of enabling you to have your favourites always on hand. Have you for one moment thought of the number of services that know about you, your interests, political opinions or even the state of your health? Our confidential search engine respects your private life and does not ask you to save your data.

For greater ease of use, the KartOO search engine is available in several languages. Each country is given a specific directory which provides users with detailed information about everyday themes. The indexes of websites are presented in a friendly and ergonomic user-interface and are adapted for use by companies as well as private persons. Our development team regularly adds new features such as the world weather forecast, television programmes, horoscopes, online games and many others accessible to all.

Our directory offers a selection of quality websites each month, which are user-friendly and regularly updated and which we would like you to discover :